• Biosolids and Agri-waste Management

Biosolids are the organic product of modern wastewater treatment, and agri-waste includes manure from livestock industry and organic residuals from farming and gardening, and is commonly composted. Both biosolids and agri-waste compost are beneficial resources which contain essential plant nutrients, improve soil fertility and productivity, enhance moisture retention, and reduce soil erosion. Therefore, biosolids and agri-waste compost can be beneficially recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment for farming, gardening, landscaping, and soil reclamation. Also, biosolids and agri-waste can produce biogas and bioenergy through anaerobic digestion. Bioenergy includes electricity, steam, and heat produced using biogas. As a good greenhouse gas emission reduction project, 
anaerobic closed agri-waste treatment and biosolids 
composting can produce large 

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About Us

A&M Greenland Environmental Co. (AGE) provides professional consulting services in beneficial recycling of biosolids and organic residuals, ecosystem restoration and sustainable forest management. We are specialized in the fields of (i) biosolids, agri-waste and other organic residuals treatment and management; (ii) practices of ecosystem restoration such as soil remediation, land reclamation, water cleaning, revegetation, and acid rain damage alleviation; (iii) greenhouse gas emission reduction project development and management in Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries (REDD), afforestation, bioenergy, and biogas recovery and utilization, and (iv) global extension of advanced environmental technologies.

Sylvis Environmental Inc. (www.sylvis.com)

  • Environmental consulting firm providing services including land reclamation and restoration and residuals recycling

Offsetters Clean Technology (http://www.offsetters.ca/)

  • Canada’s leading provider of carbon-management solutions

Point Four Systems Inc. (http://www.pointfour.com/)

  • Supplier of water treatment technology to achieve desired characteristics with special emphasis on management of dissolved gases in water

Shunny Greenland Environmental (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

  • A branch of AGE in Xiamen, China mainly in charge of marketing

Hebei Forestry Academy (http://www.cn312.com)

  • Assessment of the impacts of biosolids application in forests on wildlife habitats (Contract for International Forest Products Inc.)
  • Bioslids land application to enhance lodgepole pine growth in Interior British Columbia
  • Biosolids application to forested land for better Chinese-fir and masson pine tree growth in Fujian, China
  • Biosolids land application to enhance poplar tree growth in Chilliwack, British Columbia
  • Carbon forest establishment following land reclamation with biosolids and agri-waste compost in Xiamen
  • CDM project for methane recovery and utilization in Quanzhou, Fujian, China
  • Consultation on forest fertilization in Taxada Island, BC, Canada
  • Consultation on forest fertilization with biosolids in Whistler, BC, Canada
  • Consultation on the waste treatment for a hog cultivation farm in Helongjiang province, China


Message from president

Registered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1994, A&M Greenland Environmental Co. (AGE) is a professional consulting firm in beneficial recycling of biosolids and organic residuals, ecosystem restoration, and sustainable forest management, and has been engaged in scientific research and development, extension of new technologies, professional consultation and training, as well as import and export business of materials, tools and equipment in the above-mentioned areas since its inception.

Our vision is to become a leading international consulting firm that provides quality services for our clients, and promotes environmental protection and sustainable natural resource management in Canada and China. Our mission is to best service our clients by using our knowledge, skills and experience, and by our concrete R&D activities. It is our commitment to work closely with local and international communities in making our environment more liveable and sustainable.

With a strong professional team, AGE has served many clients and well established its business at home and abroad. Highly accredited by our clients, we will continue to provide our quality services for our clients in the future.

Dr. Anliang (Tony) Zhong